A US Mom Living In Germany Shared How Cheap Child Care Is In Europe & Americans Are Shocked

"Why did my heart literally drop knowing this is how it is pretty much everywhere but the U.S."

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An American mom in Germany. Right: A playground.

An American mom in Germany. Right: A playground.

A mother who lives in Germany from the U.S. is comparing the difference of what it's like to raise a child overseas compared to the States. One of her videos revealed that the average daycare cost is wildly cheaper in Germany, and Americans are so annoyed.

Her name is Aly, (@usa.mom.in.germany), and she's not gatekeeping anything. She showed her bill for what a year's worth of daycare costs in Germany, which includes meals, full-time care, a salary-based upcharge and parental allowance.

Aly's bill was $1,856, but she commented that the average American would pay $1,230/month.


Daycare costs in 🇩🇪 Vid inspired by @shannonmayor #livingingermany #germanyvsusa #daycare #bills

Americans flooded the comments in disbelief.

"I don't see how the U.S. can call it the greatest country in the world when we can even provide something as simple as this," one person wrote.

Another one called the States a "business, not a country."

Someone else replied that their heart dropped knowing this is everywhere except the U.S.

Aly published another video on the app describing what Germany gives postpartum mothers for free in the European country, and Americans were responding how it is far more than they ever got.


Postpartum Resources as a U.S. American 🇺🇸 in Germany 🇩🇪 In the wake of the news of Lindsay Clancy, it becomes overwhelmingly obvious how many of these resources are unavailable in the USA. We need so much more for postpartum mothers. #livingingermany #germanyvsusa #postpartum #lindsayclansy

Some of these things include daily in-home visits from a nurse-midwife, three years of parental leave where her job is protected, bi-weekly therapy appointments, €250 per child, a sleep specialist, exercise classes, regularly scheduled doctors visits, a medical grade breast pump, parenting classes and so much more.

"What I got in the USA: A $15,000 medical bill and a bottle of antidepressants," one mother replied.

Another wrote that they will never see that in the U.S. and called the country "selfish" and "individualistic."

Aly continues to publish the differences between both countries in order to help advocate for change.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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