A viral Utah bear video is absolutely exploding on TikTok and you truly need to see it to believe it. The video was posted on Monday, May 31 by a user named Brenda. The footage shows someone who she describes as her cousin Hailey fighting off a bear to save her dogs.

According to The Daily Mail, the events took place in Utah. In the first TikTok that was posted by Hailey's cousin, you see several dogs going wild in a backyard while a mama bear and her cubs stand above on the fence. The mama bear is swiping down at the dogs while they bark and jump up at her.

@bakedlikepie My cousin Hailey yeeted a bear off her fence today and saved her dogs. How was your Memorial Day?! (WTF?!) ##ohno ##badass ##brave ##fight ##bear
♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Before you know it, the woman runs into the frame, pushes the bear off the fence, grabs the smallest dog and sprints away. After the first video blew up on TikTok, garnering tens of millions of likes and views, a second was posted without the music so you can hear the actual audio.

The third video of the series is a duet of cousin Hailey's "storytime" describing what went down. She said that she lives in the mountains so this is actually really normal.

@bakedlikepie ##duet with @tempurashrimp here is the famous cousin Hailey! ##bear ##ohno ##cousinhailey
♬ original sound - secks haver 😎

She said that the bear was picking up one of her dogs when she finally got out there. The first thing she thought to do was push it, she told TikTok. While she did sprain her finger and scrape her knee in the process, she assured her viewers that she and her dogs are all OK.