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As more and more people around the world receive COVID-19 vaccines, the European Union (EU) has proposed a type of vaccine passport that would allow residents to travel restriction-free across 27 countries.

Reports from CBC News and the BBC reveal that the digital certificate would be available "without discrimination" to residents across the EU’s 27 member states, providing they have been fully vaccinated, recovered from the illness or tested negative for COVID-19.

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The member nations, including countries like Spain, Germany, Italy and France, will decide how to use the vaccine passports, with details set to be discussed during an EU leader summit next week.

Some countries have expressed concerns about how the passes could be rolled out, arguing that it could be discriminatory as a significant number of EU citizens haven't had access to COVID-19 vaccines yet.

The concept has been discussed by the government in Canada ahead of the summer season, although some World Health Organization (WHO) officials have also expressed ethical concerns.

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Toronto Police has announced that they will be making vaccines mandatory for all of their officers.

"Vaccination against COVID-19 protects the health and safety of each of our members, our workplaces and the public we serve," Chief James Ramer said in the October 21 announcement.

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