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7 Things I Didn't See Coming When I Moved From Ontario To BC & Still Haven't Recovered From

Milk jugs?! What the heck are milk jugs?!

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7 Things I Didn't See Coming When I Moved From Ontario To BC & Still Haven't Recovered From

This summer I made a big change in my personal life leaving my family and friends in Ontario to start a new adventure in Vancouver, B.C.

I've lived in southern Ontario most of my life and was born and raised in Cambridge. Over the years I've also lived in Toronto, Guelph, and Kitchener, so needless to say a move to Vancouver was meant to be a big change.

Having moved with my partner sight-unseen, there were definitely a few things that really took us both by surprise!

There are no screens on windows

Emily Silva | Narcity

This one really threw me for a loop. I did not know before I moved to B.C. that there are literally no screens on the majority of windows in the city. To people from here, I am sure that is normal, but as a person with a pretty bad phobia of bugs, this terrified me.

However, I was quickly reassured by locals that there are actually hardly any bugs in the downtown core and that the only real creepy crawlies you may have come inside from time to time are moths.

There are hills everywhere

Emily Silva | Narcity

So even though I had never visited, I knew B.C. is not particularly the flattest place (shoutout to the amazing mountains), but I did not expect the heart of Vancouver to be filled with so many hills.

Having lived in downtown Toronto for a few years, I expected Vancouver to be much of the same, but what it's lacking in sheer size, it sure makes up for the workout with some hilly streets. Let me tell you, doing a grocery trip downtown is no easy feat.

Athletic clothing is a way of life

Emily Silva | Narcity

This should not have come as too much of a surprise to me knowing that I was moving to the nature-loving province of B.C., but with so many people sporting athletic clothing in downtown Vancouver, I have to say I was shocked.

When I lived in Toronto there was no way you'd be caught walking through downtown in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, but in Vancouver, it's a way of life. Not going to lie, I did invest in some more leggings and sweatshirts when I first moved here!

There's no air conditioning

Emily Silva | Narcity

This is not a very common thing in Ontario, but apparently, since it doesn't typically get too humid or hot in Vancouver many buildings do not have AC. When looking for an apartment to rent I quickly realized almost no buildings in the downtown core are air-conditioned.

And while theoretically, this makes sense, when I first moved to the city in August it was super hot, so needless to say, my partner and I went and invested in some fans on our first day here.

Milk jugs are a thing

Emily Silva | Narcity

As a big milk drinker myself, I was shocked to see that there were no milk bags here in B.C. I know people often think milk bags are useless, but when you can put them in a ceramic pitcher, it totally keeps the milk feeling cooler and fresher.

However the jugs are easier to transport, especially for those of us doing groceries without a car, so I've grown to prefer them.

People start lining up early to go out

Emily Silva | Narcity

This one definitely puzzled me and still continues to. When I first moved here, and even in recent weeks, whenever people go out to bars, clubs, or restaurants on the weekends (particularly on Granville Street) the line-ups start at 8 p.m.

Having lived in Toronto and typically not hitting the town until 10 p.m. or later, this was a shock to me. I honestly still don't know if it's all to do with things reopening and COVID-19 protocols or not, but before 9 p.m. seems early to me!

Everyone has a dog

Emily Silva | Narcity

While I can't speak for all of Vancouver, in my neighbourhood of Yaletown specifically, literally everyone has a dog, I swear. Most buildings in my area are totally dog-friendly and every time I walk out onto the street I am greeted by a different pup.

As if living in B.C. isn't amazing enough, these four-legged friends have definitely made my move seamless.

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