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7 Things To Do This Weekend In Vancouver, September 18 To 20 If You Need To Chill

We're still here after the week we've had and ready to wind down.
7 Things To Do In Vancouver  This Weekend, September 18 To 20 If You Need To Chill

You're here! You did it, you survived a moth infestation, skies filled with smoke, a pandemic and so much more. Time to celebrate that we're still alive and recuperate. We've brought together all the things to do in Vancouver that we'll be up to this weekend because we need to just take a beat.

This week, we're looking at what's chill. We're not talking ice cream, either. We only want to do things that are going to bring a bit of peace to our lives.

Editor's Choice: Toronto's Fried Chicken Festival Is Back & It's A Delicious Way To Spend The Day

You could do what I did, which was buy an entire DQ cake with a unicorn on it. Or, you could find a better way to treat yourself for surviving the week.

If this is all about things that will chill you out after a long week, then why is Canada's scariest corn maze on this list?

While it might sound like it'll stress you out, the endorphin release you get from escaping certain (fake) death is actually exhilarating. It might help ease some of the tension in your neck and shoulders.

Other than booking in with your massage therapist, chiropractor or physio, here are seven things to do in Vancouver this weekend that will hopefully help you find that calm you deserve.

Maan Farms Haunted Corn Maze

Price: $42

When: Until November 1

Address: Maan Farms, 790 McKenzie Rd., Abbotsford, BC

Why You Need To Go: Be terrified of fake things for a change at this haunted corn maze.

Make Your VIFF Picks

Why You Need To Make Your Picks: If you're going to have a weekend inside hiding from the smoke, then make the most of it and pick what you're going to watch online or in person at the Vancouver International Film Festival this year.

(Healthy) Treat Yourself  

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Juice/Smoothies

Address: Juice Truck, Multiple locations in Vancouver

Why You Need To Go: You know what feels sinful but is secretly good for you? Buying a fancy juice, and these folks make some seriously tasty sips you'll want to try this weekend.

Actual Treat Yourself

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Pastry & Chocolate cafe

Address: Thierry Chocolates, 1059 Alberni St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: Get yourself a pack of macaroons for goodness sake. We love the salted caramel ones from famed Vancouver pastry chef Thierry.

Hatha Yoga

Price: $25

Address: YYoga, Multiple locations in Vancouver

Why You Need To Go: Roll out your mat in the studio if you're bored to death by trying to follow videos on your laptop at home.

Find A Hidden Coffee Shop

Price: $5

Address: All over Vancouver

Why You Need To Go: Pretty much every neighbourhood in Vancouver has a hidden coffee shop waiting to be found.

Hide Out At Honey Salt

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Brunch

Address: Honey Salt, 39 Smithe St., Vancouver, BC

Why You Need To Go: I go here for brunch on my birthday every year for their tasty brunch menu, build-your-own Ceasars and mimosas, plus the bright and cozy atmosphere is perfect for hiding from the rest of 2020.

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