A LEGO-Inspired Restaurant Is Coming To Vancouver & You Can Eat Like Everything Is Awesome

Feed your imagination.

Brick Burgers with fries and nachos. Right: the interior of a Brick Burger location.

Brick Burgers with fries and nachos. Right: the interior of a Brick Burger location.

If everything is awesome, then that might go for the new restaurant that is slated to open in Vancouver this September.

The new LEGO-inspired burger pop-up called Brick Burger is likely going to be the go-to place for some imaginative eating and a unique dining experience.

This experience is being put together as a fun two-day event that will be taking place starting on September 30 at a location on East Georgia Street in Downtown Vancouver.

The pop-up will feature some really interesting-looking burgers inspired by LEGO bricks. What does that mean exactly? Well, at Brick Burger you'll be munching down on square burgers with colourful buns shaped like, well, LEGO pieces.

It isn't clear if you can lock them together and create a tower, wall or maybe even airplane out of them, but wouldn't have a creation made out of burgers be awesome?

Based on the images they've put on social media, the food isn't the only thing inspired by the Danish building bricks. The entire interior of this joint is wall-to-wall LEGO, with colourful brick and brick patterns lining nearly every surface.

It honestly looks like it's been built out of bricks!

To make the theme even more secure, the pop-up will also be having "weekly brick-building competitions where you can show off your building skills and win some awesome prizes." So if you're more serious about your LEGO skills, this is the place to check out.

The restaurant advertises this as a great option for kids and families with its "kid-friendly environment and menu options." However to be honest it looks like a great location for anyone who's a kid at heart or a die-hard LEGO lover.

And if you aren't in Vancouver, a Brick burger will be opening up in Toronto as well in October. So, people out in the 6ix will be able to enjoy the wonder of LEGO-inspired eats.

If this strikes your fancy, the website is open for bookings, so get cracking LEGO fans!

Tristan Wheeler
Tristan Wheeler was a Creator for Narcity Media focused on money and budgets and is based in Toronto, Ontario.