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A Nest With Nearly 1,500 Unborn Murder Hornets Was Just Destroyed Near The BC Border

You need to be pretty brave to try and destroy this type of nest!

A Murder Hornet Nest Was Just Destroyed Near The BC Border

A nest of murder hornets near the U.S.-Canada border was just destroyed, so we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

On August 25, the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) announced that they had vacuumed up over 100 of the critters from the nest, as well as 67 extra hornets hanging out in the area.

In total, the department said there were 1,500 Asian giant hornets, aka murder hornets, in all different stages of development that were discovered inside the nine layers of the nest.

"While we are glad to have found and eradicated this nest so early in the season, this detection proves how important public reporting continues to be," Sven Spichiger, WSDA managing entomologist, said in the release.

According to the WSDA, Asian giant hornets are the biggest hornets in the world and are not native to the area.

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