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A Guy In BC Will Pay You For Ripping Down White Supremacist Flyers

"If you DM me a picture of you holding them, I'll personally give you $5 for each one."

On Monday, October 26 a B.C. man reportedly came across a flyer at Surrey Central station. The B.C. white supremacist flyers read "BC IS NOW officially the most Antiwhite Place on Earth." 

The sign, as pictured in a tweet by Ranil Prasad, goes on to say "All BC's major cities have been White-Erased to the point of white minority."

Prasad said in his tweet that he saw someone putting the signs up and tore one down. "Got yelled at by a white supremacist who was distributing it who claimed I was "anti-white" and "hateful," he wrote. Followed by a note that he thought it was totally worth it. 

Narcity has reached out to Ranil Prasad and TransLink for comment and we will update this article when we receive a response. 

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ATTN: There is now a bounty on these flyers. If you DM me a picture of you holding them, I'll personally give you $5 for each one. Please ensure that you tear them into tiny pieces, and that they're recycled!

Ranil Prasad

After saying that the yelling interaction went on for only about 10 seconds, he said he's made transit police aware of the situation. Next, he announced his "bounty." 

The Twitter user reportedly plans to pay people $5 per sign for ripping them down as he did. 

Sgt. Clint Hampton told CityNews that "It’s totally unacceptable to hand out any kind of literature that supports any form of hate."  

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