This BC Woman Had A Dream She Won The Lottery & Then Scored $1.1M On A Slot Machine


Jackpot winner, Shelley Araki.
Staff Writer

Jackpot winner, Shelley Araki.

This jackpot winner from B.C. actually had a dream that she was going to win big one day and just last month, she actually did.

Shelley Araki from Surrey, B.C. scored a whopping $1.1 million jackpot from a slot machine at Elements Casino on August 20.

Originally, Araki thought she had only won a small amount of $100 at first and was then shocked when she saw the winnings continue to rise.

“I looked up and saw it had hit the jackpot,” Araki told BCLC.

“I didn’t believe it at first. I kept thinking, ‘Really? Is this happening to me,” she added.

Araki won the big bucks on one of the four Powerbucks™-linked slot machines in the Elements Casino in Surrey, B.C.

"Years ago, Araki had a dream that she was the lucky winner of a lottery," said BCLC in a press release.

She was asked by BCLC on how it felt to score these major winnings and said: “it’s a dream come true. It’s life-changing. I’ve worked hard my whole life and now I don’t have to worry.”

Araki is just two years away from retirement and she plans on having lots more family time and putting some of her winnings to help support her grandkids future.

According to BCLC, "the odds of winning the Powerbucks™ jackpot on a $3 wager are approximately 1 in 25 million."

Araki was the lucky one person out of these seriously unfavourable odds to win and end up taking home this major amount of moola.

Ashley Harris
Staff Writer
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