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This Hidden Island In BC Has White Sand Beaches & Gorgeous Blue Waters Just Like Hawaii

BC's own tropical destination. ūüėéūüćć

Someone swimming at Tribune Bay Provincial Park in B.C. Right: Tribune Bay Provincial Park in B.C.

Someone swimming at Tribune Bay Provincial Park in B.C. Right: Tribune Bay Provincial Park in B.C.

If you want to get away to a tropical beach this summer, you don't have to look far in B.C.

There is an island with hidden beaches that look like they should be in Hawaii. You can enjoy the beautiful white sand and crystal clear blue water on a summer day.

Hornby Island is a little out of the way compared to other spots like Mayne, Pender or Salt Spring, making it a hidden gem on the West Coast.

At Tribune Bay Provincial Park on Hornby Island, the beaches are almost surreal.

If you love swimming, then you have to come here because it's one of the warmest saltwater swimming spots in the province during the summer.

Planning a weekend getaway to Hornby Island is a lot easier than actually going all the way to Hawaii and you might not even need to get any time off work.

The white sand beaches at Tribune Bay Provincial Park will really make you feel like you've taken a flight to somewhere outside of Canada. The only things missing are palm trees and coconuts.

The bay is so shallow that it makes the warm water look super clear and blue. If you get bored of hanging out on the gorgeous beach or swimming in the crystal blue waters, there are plenty of hiking trails you can explore.

Tribune Bay Provincial Park is about five hours away from Vancouver, and you'll even need to take three ferries to get there.

It's worth making the trip for a little staycation though.

Tribune Bay Provincial Park

Price: Free

Where: Hornby Island, BC

Why You Need To Go: If you want a relaxing day at the beach, this is the place to go. You'll feel like you went far away on vacation, while still in B.C.


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