This Home For Sale In BC Costs Less Than $300K & Is Surprisingly Nice (PHOTOS)

It has five bedrooms and a big backyard!

The home from the outside. Right: A recreational room.
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The home from the outside. Right: A recreational room.

It's no secret that the Vancouver housing market is pricey, but there are still a few diamonds in the rough that won't totally break the bank.

This house for sale in B.C. is just under $300,000 and is actually super nice — considering what you're paying for it. According to WOWA, the benchmark price for a house in Vancouver right now is a hefty $1,261,000, so this is a pretty good deal.

The cute affordable home has five bedrooms and two bathrooms and is in Dawson Creek, B.C.

So, if you've been thinking about buying a home but have been scared off by those high Vancouver house prices, you might want to check out this spot.

\u200bThe home from the outside.The home from the outside.RE/MAX Dawson Creek Realty

The basement even has a recreational room to play all the games you could even dream of. Who knew such a little-looking home from the outside could actually have this much space.

A recreational room.A recreational room.RE/MAX Dawson Creek Realty

The cream-coloured kitchen is a bit outdated but comes with a stove, a sink, a fridge and storage space — so all the basics are covered.

A cream-coloured kitchen.A cream-coloured kitchen.RE/MAX Dawson Creek Realty

There is also an enclosed backyard space, with loads of room. You don't really see that kind of space in the city!

Backyard at the home.Backyard at the home.RE/MAX Dawson Creek Realty

If you've been looking to settle down somewhere and want to avoid the city prices, this might be your chance to do it.

Single-Family Home

Backyard at the home.

Backyard at the home.

RE/MAX Dawson Creek Realty

Price: $299,000

Address: 1725 90 Avenue., Dawson Creek, BC


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