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Vancouver's Mayor Wants The City's Multi-Million Dollar Homes Split Up

To create more affordable housing options in the city.

The city's Mayor Kennedy Stewart has a plan to increase housing in Vancouver and it's music to the ears of anyone who is exhausted with the housing crisis.

The Making HOME plan (Home Options for Middle-income Earners) wants to make it easier for people to live in the city.

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People can’t afford to live in the neighbourhoods where they grew up,

Making HOME

Mayor Stewart wants to be able to take an existing, multi-million dollar home that's completely unaffordable for 97.5% of Vancouver residents and split it up.

Homes could be redeveloped, for example, to have multiple units inside.

"The house would look like any other house, except it might have four front doors," reads the Making HOME website.

There are 70,000 lots in Vancouver for single-family detached homes.

The Mayor's proposed pilot project would start by testing with 100 homes.

Affordable units created would be affordable forever and protected by the city so that people couldn't just snap them up and flip them.