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This Mini Portable A/C On Amazon Canada Is A Great Way To Beat The Heat & It’s Only $62

When sitting in front of a fan just doesn't cut it anymore.

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After temperatures reached an all-time high of 44.6 C this weekend, the heatwave continues across some parts of Canada.

If your home doesn't have air conditioning and you feel like you could burst into flames at any minute, there's a way you and your furry friends can keep cool—and stay on budget.

Amazon Canada has a couple of different mini portable A/Cs ranging in price from $30 to $300 if you need one ASAP.

Considering how other stores like Canadian Tire and Wayfair sell units for $600 or more, Amazon's your safest bet.

Amazon Canada

The Hisome Mini Portable Air Conditioner Fan is listed at an affordable $61.97. It comes with four wind speeds and seven colour LED lights that can help you unwind and fall asleep.

Customers who have bought this say they've been able to sleep without any problems and it's no louder than a ceiling fan. Of course, if you're a sweaty sleeper you can always invest in a decent cooling blanket as well.

Hisome Mini Portable Air Conditioner Fan

Amazon Canada

Price: $61.97

Details: If you want to beat the heat without breaking the bank, this portable air conditioner should do the trick. It has four wind speeds and LED lights that look really cool in the dark. All you have to do is fill it with cold water and ice, set a timer on it (optional) and enjoy.

$61.97 On AMAZON