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The majority of B.C. has been stuck under a historic heatwave for the past couple of days. One part of the province even hit the highest temperature in Canadian history on Sunday, June 27 at nearly 48 C.

Now, B.C. will be getting a little bit of sweet relief and the "heat dome" will be closing in over Alberta and Northwest Territories on Wednesday, June 30.

"On Wednesday, temperatures in the Northwest Territories will tip over 40°C south of Yellowknife -- and if captured by a weather station, this will be the first time in recorded history," said The Weather Network. "All-time records will fall across Alberta, as well, as the heat wave peaks by Wednesday for the province."

It looks like Fort McMurray will be getting hit especially hard in Alberta with temperatures up to 40 C.

This type of heat can be extremely dangerous and people are being advised to take breaks from the sun, drink tons of water, and monitor for symptoms of heatstroke.

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