If you've got a few dollars to spare this summer, consider saving for one of the most expensive homes in the city. This Richmond mega-mansion is absolutely enormous and the last of its size that's legally allowed to be built. Nothing says glamour like a giant slice of land with an epic mansion on top.

Constructed in 2018, the almost 10-acre lot of this nine-bedroom mansion with 11 bathrooms is currently the most expensive home on the market in Richmond. Sitting at almost $22,000,000, the dream palace is one heck of a buy.

Located in East Richmond, near Highway 99, the mansion has easy access to Vancouver but is just distant enough to escape the noise of the city.

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From bedroom ceilings up to 10-feet-high, manicured lawns that turn blinding in the sun, and enough gorgeous chandeliers to make even Sia jealous, this is a home fit for some serious royalty.

Technically, mansions like this aren't allowed to be built anymore.

The year after it finished construction, B.C. banned the building of homes over 5,400 square feet in size on Agricultural Land Reserves. For comparison, this palace sits at roughly 22,317 square feet in size — over four times the limit.

Layla Yang | Dracco Pacific Realty

If you're a bachelor who has a whole eight friends, you can treat them to the world's fanciest sleepover and grant them a bedroom each.

There are actual castles that don't look half as nice as this place.

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When you're tired of exploring your acres of glistening lawns, head indoors for a workout in the private gym, hop into the "media room" for a theatre-sized movie, or sip whiskey neat in the wet bar.

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The palace just hit the market on Friday, July 10, and it's already making a splash. 

Richmond Monster Mansion

Price: $21,980,000

Address: 9431 No. 6 Rd., Richmond, BC

Description: You'll never run out of room in this record-breaking behemoth of luxury and comfort.

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