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BC's Magical Sunflower Fields Are Officially Opening This Summer

Just in time for sunshine.
Sunflower Fields Near Vancouver Are Officially Opening This Summer

As summer is right around the corner and we can finally wear shorts again, now's the perfect time to explore the great outdoors. And what's greater about being outdoors than frolicking through endless flowers? These famous sunflower fields near Vancouver are officially opening soon and they're absolutely stunning to see.

Little known fact, but the area around Vancouver is completely packed with field after field of gorgeous sunflowers. This summer's looking to be a beautiful one, so why not ramp up the intensity by running through a field of towering flowers?

Narcity received confirmation that the B.C. sunflower trail is officially reopening in the summer of 2020. This is great news after we couldn't make it to the Tulip Festival this spring.

That includes five different businesses with all manner of sunflowers, including the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival, Maan Farms' Sunflower Festival, Taves Family Farms Sunflower Patch, Eco Dairy's sunflower area, and Campbells Honey Gold.

As the businesses are still figuring out how to reopen during COVID-19, we don't know specifics like what day they're reopening, what the ticket prices are, and what regulations they're adding to keep people safe during the pandemic.

All we know for now is that they're reopening for sure and we can't wait.

These sunflower fields are perfect for photo-ops and curing most kinds of sadness. The Chilliwack Flower Festival, for example, is filled with all sorts of wild probs like giant swing sets and windmills. Your Instagram will be thanking you.

In previous years, you could even bring some of the flowers home with you.

Other fields like the Maan Farms' Sunflower Festival is located next to a winery so you can sip wine while skipping through the oversized flowers. Nothing screams summer more than day drinking in a garden.

If you're a flower fan, a lover of all things summer, or simply looking for an excuse to skip through endless rows of yellow like a Disney princess, the sunflower trail is the destination for you.

B.C. Sunflower Trail

Address: Chilliwack and Abbotsford, BC

Why You Need To Go: Because nothing says summer more than sipping wine and frolicking through flowers.

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