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This Farm Near Vancouver Has Been Transformed Into A Pumpkin Town & It's A Fall Fairytale

Why settle for a pumpkin spiced latte when you can get a whole town made from pumpkins?

At Laity Pumpkin Patch South in Maple Ridge, B.C., they have an entire town made from pumpkins, right down to a General Store and Saloon.

They have been expanding for the past five years, and their "Western Pumpkin Town" is now the perfect unique fall activity.

After taking a look at the picture-perfect pumpkin village, you can walk around the 20-acre farm and do one of their other activities.

They have a corn maze, pumpkin patch, game area and pumpkin cannon. Overall, it's a whole lot of pumpkins.

Less than an hour from Downtown Vancouver, it's a super fun weekend date idea or a day trip to do with some friends.

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