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This Box Of Cereal On The Side Of The Road In BC Cost Someone $345

Don't throw breakfast foods at wildlife.

Justice came swift for a littering motorist who got charged $345 for throwing cereal at a bear.

According to a release by the Conservation Officer Service on Thursday, July 23, a cereal fan was promptly punished for sharing his passion with wildlife along a northern B.C. highway.

It is an offence to feed dangerous wildlife – doing so creates a serious risk to public safety and the safety of the bear.

Conservation Officer Service

The man allegedly tossed a box of breakfast at a bear — the incident was witnessed by a passing driver, who immediately called police.

Officers later arrived at the man's home with a hefty ticket in hand, punishment for "intentionally feeding dangerous wildlife" under the Wildlife Act.

Feeding wildlife could get them habituated to humans and lead to potentially dangerous attacks, both against humans and the animal in question.