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A Tiny Island In BC Has A Sandstone Tunnel You Can Wander Through & It's Next To The Ocean

BC Ferries can get you there!

​A woman standing under the sandstone bluffs. Right: Sandstone bluffs.

A woman standing under the sandstone bluffs. Right: Sandstone bluffs.

Staff Writer

BC Ferries can take you right to a magical island in B.C., where you can spend the day exploring these breathtaking sandstone tunnels right alongside the ocean.

The tiny island is off the coast of Vancouver Island and is called Gabriola Island.

To get to Gabriola Island from Vancouver, you will need to take a one-hour and 40-minute BC Ferries ride from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo. From there, you catch another 20-minute BC Ferries ride from Nanaimo to the island.

Altogether, getting to this little piece of paradise should take no longer than 2.5 hours — which makes it a great place to visit on a weekend.

This island will give you a break from the city life in Vancouver, and you'll see so much nature along the way.

The irregular formed sandstone rocks are actually called the Malaspina Galleries and they are the number one outdoor activity to do on Gabriola Island, according to TripAdvisor.

When you visit the stunning sandstone rocks on the island, you will understand just how beautiful it is.

The island also has some great walking trails along the ocean, small shops to visit and delicious restaurants to grab a bite to eat.

It's an oasis in the ocean, and it kind of even resembles Hawaii with the bright turquoise waters.

You might just even forget you are still in Canada while visiting this tiny island in B.C.

This island has some iconic sunset viewing spots right along the beach to watch the sun disappear over the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

There's no doubt, that Gabriola Island is a must-see destination.

Malaspina Galleries

Price: Free

Address: 99 Malaspina Dr., Gabriola, BC

Why You Need To Go: These sand rocks are an amazing natural wonder and they are worth checking out this summer to see with your own eyes.


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