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Vancouver's Beloved Frenchies Diner Was Just Destroyed In A Devastating Fire

Two other buildings are also gone. 😰

Vancouver Fire Rescue Services has just responded to a third alarm fire on Broadway and Main that took down Frenchies Diner. 

On Thursday, October 22, fire crews responded to the fire, they continued to update the public via Twitter as the scene developed. 

Around noon local time, the fire was upgraded to a third alarm fire and both Broadway and Main Street were completely closed down.

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The following tweet advised everyone with respiratory issues to stay away because of the smoke. 

Finally, the fire crew announced that they were working on cooling "three heavily damaged buildings with master streams and aerials from exterior."

According to CBC News, the location of the fire was Frenchies Diner. 

Frenchies is a staple in the Main Street area, known for its poutine and classic charm.