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A Saskatchewan TikToker Is Blowing Up After One Outrageously Funny Winter Driving Video

Winter driving is something that we Canadians have to live with, plain and simple. Though, this Regina TikToker has turned it from an inconvenient truth to a viral sensation. 

A TikTok account called kallens.creations shared a video of a bunch of drivers sliding around a corner and right off the road in the exact same spot on Tuesday, October 20. 

The footage itself is funny enough, but his hilarious voice-overs are what will have you wheezing.

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[rebelmouse-image 25998875 photo_credit="kellens.creations | TikTok" expand=1 original_size="750x1624"] kellens.creations | TikTok

The viral video has over six million views and one million likes.

Kellen, the 19-year-old Saskatchewan man, even put up a follow-up video discussing his complete shock that he's gone so viral. 

Can you imagine waking up to over-night fame? Maybe a hyper-Canadian TikTok video is all you need. 

You'll probably want to watch his videos and you should definitely do it with sound on. 

Thank you, TikTok, for showing the rest of the world what the Canadian struggle looks like. We owe you one. 

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