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Calgary Uber Driver Goes Viral On TikTok For Being The Most Wholesome Person Ever

Going viral is something you can never really expect. In fact, a Calgary Uber driver has totally popped off on TikTok and he was totally shocked when he started to gain notoriety. 

The Calgary-based Uber driver, Binyam Asress, uses his massive platform to create some incredibly wholesome TikToks about driving for Uber and he’s slowly taking over the internet. 

He's made over 5,000 trips so far and he’s only been a driver for a little over a year. 

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I was blown away that I was even on Uber's radar.

Binyam Asress

Asress has a massive audience with over 50,000 followers with each of his wholesome and positive TikToks getting hundreds to thousands of views. 

He has blown up so much that Uber gave him a "favourite driver" shoutout. 

In an interview with Narcity, Asress stated that he decided to start using the social media platform after having difficulty making meaningful connections with people online. 

The driver and all-around good guy attributes his success to the “lack of wholesome models in social media.”

Since Asress has been given the favourite driver award, riders will now be able to schedule his services at least 30 minutes in advance. 

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