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An Uber Driver Accidentally Picked Up Her Ex & Shared The Dash Cam Footage On TikTok (VIDEO)

"This man hurt me to my core."

Screenshots from the TikTok.

Screenshots from the TikTok.

Global Staff Writer

Very few things can ruin a night like accidentally picking up your ex while working as an Uber driver.

TikToker @gbabeey would know because that exact situation happened to her, and luckily she caught the interaction on camera and shared it with the world on TikTok.

It was an average night of doing her duties as an Uber driver when the TikToker, whose first name is Lydia, accepted a request to drop off a group of guys after a night out.

That’s when she saw her ex.

In the video, which now has over 9 million views, you can see Lydia recognize her ex and get visibly uncomfortable as he takes the seat right behind her in the car, although he doesn’t recognize her immediately.


WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!? #uber #uberdriver #messytiktok

The caption on her video read: “you pick up THAT EX as an Uber driver,” with the question “WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!?” in the bio.

One commenter answered and wrote: “I personally would have taken off LMAOOO,” to which Lydia responded with a laughing emoji.

Meanwhile, another wrote, “I would act unbothered and be nice as hell. But show absolutely no interest.”

Although that’s just the first video, Lydia actually made a series out of it and posted clips from the ride in multiple other videos.

In part two of the video, she shows the moment her ex recognizes her, and it’s priceless.

It starts with him asking her “how are you doing this evening,” to which she responds with a “good.”

He then asks her, “are you mad?” After she says no he asks for her name, and when she replies with Lydia, he puts two and two together.


Replying to @Ash xoxo When I tell you my anxiety took over. It’s been 17 years guys! #uber

After saying Lydia repeatedly in shock, the two start to acknowledge that they are each other’s exes.

“It’s been 17 years, guys!” read the caption of the part two video.

In part three, Lydia wrote, “this man hurt me to my core, but I have been completely healed, 17 yrs later.”

In part six, her ex asks her for a hug, and the two get out of the car to embrace after 17 years and stay outside to chat for a little bit.


Replying to @Kween_Chivita Would you have given him the hug? #uber #messytiktok

She eventually made a follow-up video for her viewers to share with them what their conservation was about. She said that they basically talked about their past, and he asked to make amends and apologized to her.


Replying to @Tatti Let’s talk about the convo outside the car #uber #messytiktok

In another video, she shares what happened between the two of them, and it seems like he may have cheated on her, although it’s not entirely clear from the video.

Lydia eventually reposted the viral video, and the second upload has picked up even more views than the original one, climbing up to 15 million views.

At least she was able to turn an awkward moment around and get some TikTok clout from it!

What would you do in her situation?

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