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Working On BC Farms Can Earn You +3K A Month With No Experience

Work on your farmer's tan. ☀️

If you're looking to make a bit more cash this summer, why not get paid to work outdoors? There's a provincial job bank with tons of B.C. farm and fishing jobs that pay great, and many have super low requirements. If you're looking for some extra cash or maybe the next step in your career, you can't go wrong with some honest work.

The province has a great hub for jobs in the farm, food, and fishing industries, and a ton of the options pay really well. Workers are desperately needed in everything from horticulture to fishing and everything in between.

What's more, the highest level of education needed for most of these is a high school diploma. Plenty of them offer on-site training, and you don't need any previous experience for some of them too. If you've dreamed of working on a farm, now's a great chance to get your feet wet.

We combed through their job offerings and gathered some of the jobs that we think pay the best for little or no experience needed. There's everything from working on a fishing boat to tending to a cannabis farm included below. If you want the full job list, there's plenty more to choose from on their site.


Salary: $29.00 an hour

Company: No Thi Le Fishing Company

Why You Should Apply: No experience, diploma, or degree needed for this full-time gig on a fishing boat.

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Farm Labourer

Salary: $17.00 an hour

Company: Makhan Sidhu Farms

Why You Should Apply: This full-time position requires only basic farm knowledge and maybe a first-aid certificate to apply.

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Truck Driver

Salary: $20.00 an hour

Company: Limberis Seafood Processing Ltd.

Why You Should Apply: All you need for this part-time position is a class five driver's license (with air brake endorsement) and a great time management skills.

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Shipping & Cut Flower Lead

Salary: $16.00 to $20.00 an hour

Company: Rainbow Greenhouses Inc.

Why You Should Apply: All you need is a high school diploma and an ability to lead to work in their cut flower distribution program.

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Salary: $17 to $19 an hour

Company: Goat River Farms LTD.

Why You Should Apply: As long as you have a vehicle to get to work, some experience with animals, and are able to lift 50 pounds, you can apply to work here.

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Apiary Worker

Salary: $16.50 an hour

Company: Caspian Apiaries Inc.

Why You Should Apply: Absolutely no education, experience, or training needed for this full-time job caring for honeybees.

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Cannabis Farm Worker

Salary: $18.00 an hour

Company: Whistler Therapeutics Corp.

Why You Should Apply: All you need is a high school certificate to apply for this part-time gig doing farmwork and processing in a lab.

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