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Video Surfaces Showing Over 100 BC Teens At A Street Party On Friday

There was no physical distancing at the chaotic party.
Street Party In BC: Video Surfaces Showing Over 100 Teens On Friday Night

Despite constant warnings from public health authorities saying not to gather in large groups, over 100 teens reportedly showed up to a packed street party in B.C.

According to a video shared with CTV News, a large gathering of over 100 people, many of whom appeared to be teenagers, took over a street in Saanich, B.C. on Friday, August 14.

I have lived here over 11 years, and never have I seen this type of gathering.

Sarah Wakefield

Local Sarah Wakefield said a different large group partied in the area last weekend — but there were even more people this time.

The incident came just days after a different video surfaced showing a Vancouver nightclub full of people.

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The province has been experiencing a spike in new cases; officials are pleading locals to tone down the partying and follow the rules.

Via CTV News

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Starting on September 13, B.C. will require a mandatory vaccine passport for higher-risk social and recreational events, and the province has just outlined what that means for you.

If you're 12 or older, you'll need to use the passport to attend a variety of non-discretionary events until January 31, 2022, which is subject to extension, according to the government.

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