Dr. Jill Biden Adorably Decorated The White House Lawn With Giant Valentine's Day Hearts

"I just wanted some joy."
Dr. Jill Biden Valentine's Day White House President Joe Biden

Newly-minted First Lady Dr. Jill Biden adorably decorated the White House lawn with giant Valentine's Day hearts this morning. 

In preparation for the holiday, Mrs. Biden put out 11 pink, red, and white hearts that look like the classic V-day sweetheart candies with printed messages.

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Rather than the traditional "Be Mine," or "Call Me," stamps, Dr. Biden's hearts include messages of unity and compassion. 

The 11 decorations read healing, courage, love, compassion, gratitude, peace, amor, strength, kindness, family, and unity. 

To add a touch of personalization, the First Lady signed the "healing" heart with "Love, Jill".

Once the decorations were in place, Dr. Biden and President Joe Biden took a morning walk on the North Lawn of the White House to admire the festive hearts. 

Coffees in hand, the President and First Lady enjoyed their morning stroll alongside their beloved First Dogs Champ and Major. 

President Biden told reporters, "Valentine's Day is a big day — Jill's favorite day. For real."