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This Ontario 'Mini-Mansion' Costs Almost $1 Million & Is The Most Frat House Ever (PHOTOS)

If you've been dying to re-live your college days, this Waterloo house for sale might be a dream come true.

It's described as a "mini-mansion" in the listing, and the house is huge and in a great neighbourhood

But as for the interior design — well, take a look at the listing photos... but don't say we didn't warn you.

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The "Pi Kappa Alpha" sign outside warns visitors that they can expect a classic fraternity house inside.

Pi Kappa Alpha was founded in 1858 at the University of Virginia, but despite 150 years of the fraternity's existence, the members living in this house must have missed any instructions on how to clean a floor or use a window.

The house is steps away from the University of Waterloo, which is clear from the table covered in university posters ... which we're sure is used for studying and absolutely nothing else.

But this house is not just for studying — if you're looking for recreation, why not hang out in the room that seems to have a stripper's pole in it.

The kitchen is spacious and has plenty of windows, but we have questions about the double bottles of mustard in the pantry.

The building has three storeys, with ten bedrooms in all — most of which are shown in various states of disarray.

They feature un-made beds, pizza crusts, and a lot of Trump flags, especially for a Canadian frat house.

There is a virtual tour of the house available, too, if the photos didn't give you a clear enough idea of what the house looks like.

The good news is that the possessions don't come with the house. The bad news is that someone will still have to clean up!

Investment For Sale In Waterloo, Ontario

Price: $899,000

Address: 75 Albert St., Waterloo, ON

Description: The most frat house of any frat house you've ever seen, we've got a hangover just looking at this place. 

View Here

* This article has been updated.

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