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This Weekend's Sea To Sky Crash Had A Lambo Go Straight Into Oncoming Traffic

The highway collision held up traffic for hours on Saturday.

Police are looking into a massive Sea to Sky crash that happened on Saturday, September 5, and the drivers of some expensive cars are being investigated.

Even though they're still trying to figure out what happened, they say that at first glance, it looks like a black Range Rover and a silver Lamborghini had some kind of incident on the highway just south of Whistler.

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Whistler RCMP

It caused the lambo to "lose control and hit the median, cross over in oncoming traffic, and hit a Toyota crossover coming southbound," according to a press release.

Both cars had people seriously injured inside, including children, who were brought to hospital. 

Whistler RCMP says that they're investigating the drivers of the luxury vehicles for "Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle" and they're asking the public for help if they know how the cars were acting on the road before the crash.