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Eco-friendly, but make it real estate. There's a completely green home for sale in Manitoba right now and it's just the cutest thing. The entire place is solar panelled so you can support mother nature while living your everyday life. 

While luxurious mansions and downtown penthouses are undeniably gorgeous, there's some unique real estate in Canada that needs to have its time to shine. 

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If you're thinking of buying a house in Toronto, you've probably felt a bit intimidated by the 10-digit price tag. Besides, you're not even getting that much for your money. There's a house for sale in Winnipeg that is less than the average Toronto home and is basically a modern mansion.

The property at 60 Brookstone Place in Manitoba's capital city is impressive even before you step inside.

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Part of feeling like a real adult is owning your first home. Despite some of the numbers around the country, it doesn't have to break the bank either. A house for sale in Winnipeg is the perfect little starter home and it's just $300,000.

The home located at 490 Lipton Street in Manitoba's capital city has plenty of curb appeal right away, with a small garden out front that could be perfect for any green thumbs looking to make it their own.

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Most of the time, the selling point of a new home is the view, or the backyard, or maybe even the kitchen. As for this house for sale in Winnipeg? The selling feature is actually underground. It has a basement you might never want to leave.

The four-bedroom, four-bath property located at 28 Algonquin Avenue has an inviting exterior, with a large cathedral-style roof drawing your eye right to the front door. 

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Sometimes the image of a fairy tale home is a cozy little dwelling nestled in the woods. While this Manitoba house for sale isn't quite that quaint, it is surrounded by nature. It even has its own private walking trail!

The property at 45135 Provincial Rd. 210 in Marchand, Manitoba, sits on a generous three acres of property and offers 2,371 square feet of living space. 

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