Whether you’re toying with the idea of switching careers or just eager to brag about new skills on LinkedIn, you can get a Google Professional Certificate without going back to school and paying more student fees.

Coursera allows you to enroll in online courses from top universities and companies and the topics are endless.

Interested in IT, UX Design or Cloud Engineering? Google just added a ton of free courses to their roster. They offer flexible schedules so you can learn at your own pace, especially if you’re already on that 9-to-5 grind.

Google Data Analytics 

Why You Should Enroll: If graphs are your jam, then you’ll love sinking your teeth into this one. Here, you'll spend 10 hours a week learning the analytical skills needed to organize and present stats the way an Associate Data Analyst would. It may not be the sexiest profession, but the Government of Canada says it’s very in demand right now.

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Google Project Management

Why You Should Enroll: It’s not easy leading a team, but somebody has to do it. Through this interactive program, you’ll be able to strengthen your communication and organizational skills so you can one day manage a team and budget, too.

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Google UX Design

Why You Should Enroll: It’s another fast-growing field to get into and the average UX Designer in Canada makes $71K! You’ll be job-ready in six months after learning the basics of user-centered design, research and concepts. By the end you’ll have a portfolio with three completed projects to show potential employers.

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Google IT Support

Why You Should Enroll: Over half a million people have signed up already! With computers basically ruling our lives, it’s hard to argue against a career in Information Technology. Learn everything from putting a computer together to setting up wireless networking to reading Binary Code—it’s not as scary as it sounds, we promise.

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Google IT Automation With Python

You’re probably Gooling “what is Python?” right now and that’s okay! It’s the most in-demand programming language by employers. Think JavaScript but bigger. Here, you can get hands-on experience writing code to solve problems like any IT Support Specialist would.

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Cloud Architecture With Google Cloud

Why You Should Enroll: If you’re already an expert when it comes to Linux and other operating systems, this intermediate-level program gives you the skills you need to advance your career in cloud architecture which is the blueprint for how one builds technology. This is a short program; you can get certified in just 3 months if you study 6 hours a week.

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Data Engineering With Google Cloud

Why You Should Enroll: There’s no shame in wanting to feel more confident about your cloud skills. 20% of engineers received a pay increase or promotion after completing this program. In four months you can really impress your boss and teammates by being a pro at BigQuery and other cloud platforms.

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