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Ontario Is Giving Even More People Up To $28K To Train For A New Career

You can get help pursuing a new career.

Ontario Is Giving Even More People Up To $28K To Train For A New Career

The Ontario government is offering to help even more people kick-start a new career in the wake of COVID-19's devastating economic effects.

On Monday, the province announced it would be extending its Second Career Program to help more than just laid-off and unemployed workers.

By the spring of 2022, self-employed residents, gig workers, youth, newcomers and others who need help will be eligible for this program.

The Second Career initiative will offer workers up to $28,000 to put towards their education and will include costs such as tuition, books, transportation, manuals, workbooks, instructional costs and a "basic living allowance" of up to $500 per week.

It can also cover costs such as child care and disability-related supports.

"Second Career funds tuition for training programs of 52 weeks duration or less, including eligible college and some university courses, micro-credential programs, and other vocational training programs," an excerpt from the report reads.

According to the government, you can apply for the program by working with an employment services agency. Staff will be able to help you get an application ready to apply.

"As companies and jobs flock to Ontario, we want to ensure that our workers are trained to have the skills needed for these jobs of the future. We are investing in our workers as we build an Ontario that leaves nobody behind," Premier Doug Ford stated.

Ford's government is also proposing an extension of the Ontario Jobs Training Tax Credit into 2022, where residents can get $2,000 back for doing job training programs.

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