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Ontario's Working On A Benefits Plan For Anyone Who May Not Currently Be Covered

We're talking dental, vision, and health care.

Toronto Associate Editor
Ontario's Working On A Benefits Plan For Anyone Who May Not Currently Be Covered

If you bust your butt juggling many different jobs, but are afraid of getting injured or having to get a cavity filled because your work doesn't offer any sort of benefits plan, that may soon change in Ontario.

On February 3, the Ontario government announced they're coming up with a plan to give workers a comprehensive benefits package that will include health, dental, and vision care. It doesn't even matter if you change jobs because this plan will, apparently, still be available to use.

"Whether you’re bussing tables, working the cash, or giving rides, we are making sure necessities like dental care and affordable medication is within reach for more families," Minister of Labour, Training and Skills Development, Monte McNaughton, said.

To get the ball rolling to make this benefits plan happen, the Ontario government is setting up an advisory panel so they can recommend what is best for the province's workers.

And, once they do, Ontario will become the first-ever province to go after a comprehensive benefits plan.

"Once approved and appointed by spring 2022, up to five advisory panel members will conduct research and consultations on how to create a portable benefits strategy for Ontario, including providing a final recommendation to the government," the news release reads.

This is all brought on by the same committee — the Ontario Workforce Recovery Advisory Committee — who introduced the "Right to Disconnect" policy to the province through the Working for Workers Act, 2021.

Starting June 2, 2022, this bill requires businesses with at least 25 employees to put down a written policy for disconnecting from work at the end of the day, which means goodbye to those after-work hours phone calls or emails when it's time to clock off.

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