2 Canadian TikTokers Shared The US Stores They Visit Every Year & The Trip Is So Worth It

So many Canadians commented in agreement!

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Two Canadians shopping in Florida. Right: Two Canadians at a store in Florida.

Two Canadians shopping in Florida. Right: Two Canadians at a store in Florida.

Two Canadians visit Florida every year to shop and dine at different stores and restaurants in the U.S. that they don't have in their country, and it's their way to treat themselves.

They posted a video to TikTok in February, receiving 216K views, about the places they spend their time at, which included popular shops like Target, PacSun and Five Below.

Target is a retail store selling everything from clothes to patio furniture, office supplies and even groceries. PacSun is a clothing store known for its beachy aesthetic and Five Below is a retail store that has everything listed for $5 and below.

They also went to chain restaurants like Dunkin' Donuts, a fast food chain specializing in donuts and coffee, and the Cheesecake Factory, which is widely known for its large dinner portions and cheesecake menu.

Some users commented that there is a Cheesecake Factory in Ontario, but, according to the creator, "it’s not the same."


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Not only did so many other Canadians agree, but they listed their own places as well.

"We always go to P.F. Changs when we’re in the States," one person responded, spotlighting the Chinese restaurant.

Another Canadian agreed that PacSun is the "highlight" of her trip when she visits Florida. Someone else wrote she misses Target so much.

On the flip side, some Americans were shocked Canada doesn't have some of these hot spots:

"Wait does Canada not have Dunkin' or Target," to which an account replied, "no, sadly."

Five Below's official account even chimed in on the video and wrote they are all about treating themselves, referencing the audio the creators used.

The two TikTokers note that they visit America a lot to see family, and it's clear it's so worth the vacation!

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Florida Associate Editor
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