7 Old Canadian Buildings That Were Turned Into Something Entirely Different

Bringing the past into the present!
7 Old Canadian Buildings That Were Turned Into Something Entirely Different

As the saying goes, "what's old is new again." While it's hard to imagine something from the past having any sort of novelty, There are ways to bring the past into the present and make it fresh. For example, plenty of historic Canadian buildings have been repurposed into something brand new.

These classic buildings that have been converted into new businesses or homes can be found all over the country, and they blend the classic charm of the building's original architecture with modern design.

Often there will be old industrial buildings or even churches converted into lofts or new homes, but these classic structures have also been turned into things like museums, breweries, and even grocery stores.

While there are plenty of modern buildings that reflect the hard work of incredible architects, the work and design that went into structures from the early twentieth century and beyond cannot be overlooked.

The key to blending these two opposing styles is to combine the best of both worlds, and use them to accentuate each other.

Some truly talented people have managed to turn these old buildings into something new, while maintaining what made them so appealing and historic in the first place.

HI Ottawa Jail Hostel

Has your house been feeling like a prison lately? Well, imagine staying in a hotel that used to be an actual jail. The HI Ottawa Jail Hostel lets guests sleep in actual cells where criminals were housed.

On top of everything else, this place is apparently super haunted.

Tower Automotive Building/Museum of Contemporary Art

This tall, stark Toronto building, which according to the Museum's website was built in 1919, was used to manufacture aluminum parts during the second World War, and was operational until 2006.

The firm architectsAlliance helped to convert a portion of its space into the Museum of Contemporary art, blending modern visual flair with the building's industrial vibe.

Memorial Stadium Dominion

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Now this is a grocery store where you could score some sweet deals. Memorial Stadium used to be home to the St. John's Maple Leafs, before the original hockey stadium was converted to a Dominion by Olympic Construction in 2007.

Church House

Churches everywhere are often credited for their gorgeous architecture and design.

This home in Nova Scotia, converted from a century-old United Church, maintains the gothic style of the original building while providing the modern comforts of home.

Wells Street Schoolhouse Lofts

School's out for summer, unless you live in one. These lofts built inside of the old Wells Street School in Aurora, Ontario offer plenty of space and modern comfort, despite the building having been around since 1923.

Instead of detention and gym class, you'll find a farmer's market and even a dog wash station.

Flora Hall Brewing

Before being converted into a cool local brewery, Ottawa's Flora Hall was used mostly for automotive purposes.

Built in 1927, it originally housed the Welch and Johnston automotive firm before being converted into a biker garage that apparently struck fear into at least one local mother (per the brewery's website).

Brunswick House Rexall

While there's nothing all that exciting about a drugstore, this Rexall location in Toronto, which was built in the city's historic Brunswick House (a 100-year-old hotel, bar, and music venue) maintained the structure's charm and character.