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8 Canadian Celebs That Will Actually Send You A Personalized Video Message For Christmas

Ranging in price from $69 to $1200 a video.
7 Canadian Celebrities On Cameo Who Will Actually Send You A Personalized Christmas Video

Are you sick of wishing your friends a merry Christmas and a happy new year yourself?

There are lots of Canadian celebrities on Cameo who will send a personalized video message to anyone you want (for the right price).

Actors, comedians, and athletes all use the app, which lets you send names and info to a celebrity and request a video from them.

Videos can range in length from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the person recording them.

But if you know someone who's lived their whole life waiting for Kevin O'Leary to say hello to them, then it might be worth sending a request in.

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Colin Mochrie

Price: $100 per video

The Whose Line Is It Anyway? star brings his signature dry wit and bald head to Cameo, offering videos for birthdays, anniversaries, or roasts.

According to reviews, Mochrie will even through in a hoedown into his video, which has got to be worth at least $100.

Cameo Page

Dennis Graham (aka Drake's Dad)

Price: $100 per video

Drake is not on Cameo, unfortunately, but his dad is! For only $100 you can get a personalized video from someone who knows Drake pretty well and has an Arkells song named after him.

Cameo Page

Kevin O'Leary

Price: $1200 per video

O'Leary has by far the most expensive Cameo price out of anyone on this list, but did we expect anything different from the Shark Tank business mogul?

But with a 4.9/5 rating, people are clearly happy with what O'Leary offers — "They don't call you Mr. Wonderful for no reason," reads one review.

Cameo Page

Danny Green

Price: $125 per video

A review on the former Toronto Raptor's Cameo page from "R" says that Green didn't fulfill the video request before it expired but he filmed one after the expiry date and sent it over for free. Great basketball player and great guy — nice one, Danny.

Cameo Page

Hayley Wickenheiser

Price: $50 per video

Wickenheiser is a legend in Canadian hockey, with four Olympic gold medals to her name. She asks that anyone requesting a video give as much info as possible so that she can personalize the message that much more.

Reviewers seem pretty stoked on her videos, including one reviewer who expects that her sister will be so excited about her personalized video that she'll give birth early. That's about as good as a review can get.

Cameo Page

K. Trevor Wilson

Price: $100 per video

K. Trevor Wilson plays Squirrelly Dan in Letterkenny, and his Cameo page is full of people stoked about their video. One reviewer confirms that Wilson is the "best minor Canadian celebrities on the Cameos" — a special endorsement, for sure.

Cameo Page

Dylan Playfair

Price: $69 per video

Another Letterkenny star, Dylan Playfair (who plays Reilly on the show) has over 1000 positive reviews on his Cameo page, which is a whole lot of top drawer, bar down videos.

Cameo Page

Russell Peters

Price: $500 per video

The legendary comedian is on Cameo, and he charges as much as you might expect for a Canadian icon. He only has eight reviews on the site, so it's hard to tell if he'll do some of his most famous comedy quotes.

But you can request a video and ask!

Cameo Page

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