8 Canadian Halloween Treats That Americans Wish They Could Get Their Hands On

Trick or treat, eh? 🎃
8 Canadian Halloween Treats That Americans Wish They Could Get Their Hands On

It's almost the spookiest day of the year, and that means costumes, decorations, and candy. While the holiday might not be the same as every other year, there's at least plenty of Canadian Halloween candy to enjoy. Even if you're too old to trick-or-treat, it's still fun to indulge in these exclusive treats.

While the United States may have plenty of great snacks and candy that aren't available north of the border, the opposite is also true. Every October 31, residents of the Great White North get to enjoy sweets that are not sold down south.

That includes some favourites that might make you feel nostalgic for throwing on a mask (not that kind of mask) and asking your neighbours to hand over some sugary treats.

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These are like the Canadian alternative to M&M's, and as anyone who enjoyed them as a kid knows, you eat the red ones last.

Oddly enough, Americans also have a candy called Smarties, only they are the same chalky, fruit-flavoured candy that Canucks know as Rockets.

Coffee Crisp

People who remember television commercials from the 90s probably recall the famous exchange of "how do you like your coffee?" "I like my coffee crisp!" What they might not know is that this bar is exclusive to Canada.

For those who have never had one, it combines crispy wafers, milk chocolate, and a soft, coffee-flavoured filling. It's one of the more sophisticated Canadian treats out there.


Aero bars may not have a fun filling or any ingredients beyond milk chocolate, but the novelty of having that bubbly centre still makes them a tasty treat.

They do come in other flavours like mint and orange, but it's the classic plain chocolate that always makes an appearance at Halloween.


Sponge toffee is definitely more of a well-known treat in Canada and the United Kingdom than it is in the United States. If Americans haven't had a chance to try it, they should get on that.

The Crunchie bar is simple, yet delicious, wrapping a chunk of sweet, crispy sponge toffee in milk chocolate. It's a great example of how when it comes to candy, less can sometimes be more.


Much like the Crunchie bar, Caramilk keeps things simple: squares of creamy chocolate filled with soft, gooey caramel.

The only downside to this Halloween candy is that you only get two squares in each fun-size package. Do you know what would be more fun? A full-size bar.

Crispy Crunch

What is it with Canadians and liking a crispy chocolate bar? Whatever the attraction, it's resulted in some really tasty treats.

Crispy Crunch is kind of like what you would get if a Butterfinger was thinner and more solid. The filling is somewhere between hard candy and peanut butter, and it's got a perfect snap when you bite into it.

Swedish Berries

Americans may have Swedish Fish, but they don't have Swedish Berries.

Okay, so they are basically the same candy but in different shapes, but only Canadians get to enjoy the sweet, mysterious flavour in the shape of actual fruit.


This particular chocolate bar seems like it would be a hit in the United States, and yet Americans can't get their hands on it.

Wunderbar combines a variety of delicious fillings, including peanut butter, caramel, peanuts, and crispy rice in a smooth layer of milk chocolate. This one is definitely what you wanted to see in your trick-or-treating haul every year.