7 Halloween Traditions In Canada That Only True Canucks Will Have  Memories Of

Remember the pain of covering your costume with a winter jacket? 😅

Trick or treaters at a Vancouver house.

Trick or treaters at a Vancouver house.

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Halloween in Canada is an absolutely wonderful time of year.

Since it coincides with the fall season, the leaves are beautifully orange, red and yellow, the vibes are spooky, and the weather is cold — like super cold.

For many Canadians, Halloween is a bit different than what's depicted in Hollywood movies though. While there's plenty of scary fun to be had, there are some uniquely Canuck moments too.

So, to celebrate this Canadian Halloween season, we've put together a list of things that every Canuck will probably remember from their childhood.

From wearing your coat over your costume to getting iconic Canadian candies, if you spent at least one Halloween in the country, you'll probably relate to these.

Wearing a winter coat over your costume

Anyone who has ever lived in Canada knows that this country gets pretty cold. And since October 31 is nearly November, that means it's basically winter.

And unfortunately, this means that your Walmart princess, dog or ghost costume isn't going to do much to keep you warm.

Every Canadian knows the pain of waiting all month long to put on your Halloween costume and accessorizing it, only to realize that it's actually really cold and you're going to need to wear a coat on top of it.

Maybe you can imagine you're the princess of Canada instead?

Quintessentially Canadian costumes

Sure, Dracula or Frankenstein might be popular choices, but there's always some costumes with a distinctly Canadian vibe.

If you've celebrated Halloween in Canada, you probably remember running into loads of hockey players, lumberjacks or RCMP officers on October 31. Sometimes, there are even zombie versions!

Or maybe you have memories of people dressing up as iconic Canadian TV show characters like the Trailer Park Boys or a character from PAW Patrol.

Or maybe you dressed up as these characters yourself! We're not here to judge!

Bingeing on Canadian candies

If you grew up in Canada, you probably have fond memories of getting classic Canadian sweets come Halloween.

We're talking about everything from Coffee Crips and Caramilks to Rockets and more.

In fact, for a lot of kids, Canadian candy would fill up nearly half of their bags. And nearly half of their stomachs in the weeks that followed.

The UNICEF boxes

Another classic Canadian tradition for the spooky day.

Not only would kids wander door-to-door looking for candy, but they would also ask for spare change to add to the UNICEF box around their necks.

That's because, seemingly every year, trick-or-treaters in Canada would be given little boxes by their school to fill up with the money that would go towards the humanitarian agency.

It makes sense – helping out your fellow citizens seems like a very Canadian impulse!

Halloween decorations

Nothing would give Halloween vibes quite like walking into your local Canadian Tire or Zellers and seeing the aisles and aisles of decorations, costumes and props.

Or maybe you'd walk into your local Tim Hortons and see some spooky decorations and window stickers reminding you that the scariest day of the year was in coming.

No matter the decor, these crossovers of Canadian stalwarts and the holiday seasons were always something kids would look forward to.

Halloween episodes of favourite Canadian shows

Halloween always meant that your favourite Canadian TV shows would have their very own spooky episodes.

Not only did regular shows get spooky, but spooky shows got more common. Around this season is when disturbing shows like Freaky Stories or Are You Afraid Of The Dark? seemed to be everywhere!

They can't be all that scary though if they're on YTV and Teletoon! Right? RIGHT?!

Going out to party in the frigid cold

As you get older, Halloween becomes less about candy and more about going out and having a good time.

But, you're still subject to the same elements kids are, and maybe even worse because you're out later.

People in uncomfortable shoes and potentially revealing costumes journey between bars in the bitter cold and it's a very common sight in the downtown of most Canadian cities on October 31.

Might just be worth doing some research into costumes that are warmer though.

And with another Halloween season right around the corner, we can all get ready for some more uniquely Canadian Halloween vibes.

Happy haunting!

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