A British TikToker In Toronto Compared Canada To The UK & Both Sides Are 'Missing Out'

She says Canada's weed is “f*cking lethal.”

TikToker Summer Fox.
Global Staff Writer

TikToker Summer Fox.

If you’ve ever wondered what living in Canada feels like for someone who grew up in the U.K., one TikToker is spilling all the tea about the differences you might never have expected.

TikToker Summer Fox moved to Toronto after meeting her Canadian boyfriend on Hinge, and she’s never looked back.

The young TikToker recently listed off all the things that make Canada different from the U.K., and she's suggesting that Canadians take a lot of things for granted.

The first thing she mentions in her video, which now has 3.2 million views, is the fact that weed is legal.

“On the corner of every single street, there’s literally a massive shop that’ll say CANNABIS. Like huge, they’re not shy about it,” Fox says in her video.

Apparently, the weed she’s tried in Canada is “f*cking lethal,” and apparently hat’s something to be proud of.

The next most shocking thing about living in Canada for Fox is the fact that you “can’t drink in public in Canada.”

“You literally cannot walk down the road drinking a beer on a summer's day on the way to the park,” Fox says.


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“I do feel like they’re missing out on life with that one,” admits Fox in her video.

Another thing Fox pointed out is that in Canada, you can’t pick up booze from the corner shop; you have to go to a liquor store to get your alcohol fix.

She explained that Canadians don’t have a corner shop where you can get an "egg and mayonnaise sandwich, and you can also get a bottle of wine and bag of crips and a vape.”

Apparently, not a lot of Canadian girls get lip fillers, unlike in the U.K.

According to Fox, Canadians also don’t have a “'take the p*ss' culture” because everyone's just so “lovely.”

“Canadians don’t have 'lad' culture; they have more of a 'bro' culture,” she added. Whatever that means.

Next: the attractive and nice waiters.

Canadians allegedly have far nicer and more generally attractive waiters, so that’s one good thing that you get from tipping.

“In the U.K. it’s a hit or miss with the service because sometimes they’re like 'hello, what the f*ck do you want?'” Fox added.

“I think that’s linked to the tipping system you have in Canada, though,” Fox admitted in her video.

Fox also shared that Canadians are far more festive and enthusiastic about Halloween than the Brits, and that Canadians take house decor to a whole new level.

She also pointed out that Canadian groceries are way more expensive, and you see a lot more drugs in downtown Toronto than you do in London.


Finally, she added that Canadians don't call Sprite "lemonade" like people do in the U.K.

Canadians were loving the comparison, and one person in the comment section wrote, “I LOVED HEARING THESE DIFFERENCE HOPE U LOVE TORONTO SIS, WE LOVE BRITISH GIRLIES.”

Another commenter took issue with Fox and her "lad culture" comment, writing: "Have we met a Toronto mans?"

Fox then wrote back, saying "not the same at all.”

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry was a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and based in Toronto, Ontario.