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A Creepy 'Squid Game' Road Sign Is Confusing UK Drivers & Police Had To Step In

How would you feel about playing "Red Light, Green Light" in a car?

A Creepy 'Squid Game' Road Sign Is Confusing UK Drivers & Police Had To Step In
@tvprp | Twitter, Squid Game | Netflix

U.K. drivers might be wondering if they're going to have to compete in the first round of Netflix's Squid Game after a strange road sign popped up in England.

Police say, however, that the road sign posted near Slough is not actually a secret invitation to the deadly contest from Netflix's most popular show.

The yellow sign on the M4 motorway features a square, a circle and a triangle along with an arrow pointing away from the road.

It looks unremarkable unless you're one of the 111 million people who've seen Squid Game — a show that uses those shapes a lot, including on business cards to recruit people for the game.

The cards include a phone number to call that will get you into the contest, which involves surviving six deadly children's games for a shot at a massive jackpot of cash.

The game organizers do not recruit drivers, but Thames Valley Police were still curious enough to investigate after several people were reportedly unnerved by the strange sign, which does not include any text.

"We can confirm that [...] following this signage from the M4 Junction 5 in [Slough] will not lead you to the popular Netflix series Squid Game," the road division of the Thames Valley Police tweeted, along with a photo of the sign.

"It's just directions for diversion routes during the roadworks…phew!"

Of course, the game organizers are pretty good at hiding their activities from the police in the show, so who knows what's really going on here?

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