A Guy Crashed A Proposal At His Own Housewarming Party & There's No Love For 'Hijackers'

The payback plans are evil.

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A man proposing to his girlfriend.

A man proposing to his girlfriend.

There’s a right and wrong time and place for everything and that includes proposing to your girlfriend but it seems like not everyone understands that.

One Reddit user turned to the internet to ask if he was in the wrong for calling out his girlfriend's brother for hijacking her housewarming party with a surprise proposal, and people don’t think he was.

The user shared the story on the popular Reddit community Am I The A**hole and it’s been getting a lot of reactions since.

The Reddit user began the post by saying, “my girlfriend just bought a house and is so excited. She invited a ton of people over for a housewarming. She put so much work into everything. The house looked amazing, and the food was delicious.”

Invited to the housewarming party were his girlfriend's brother and his partner and they managed to make the whole affair all about themselves.

“Right after dinner, while my girlfriend was getting dessert, her brother proposed to his girlfriend,” read the post.

“I was mad because he hijacked my girlfriend's event that she worked so hard for.”

The Reddit user wasn’t having it and decided to speak up for his girlfriend by shutting the whole thing down before they could even get through the proposal.

"Before she could answer, I told him to sit down and quit being so rude and disrespectful to his sister,” wrote the Reddit user.

“He was mad, but his girlfriend looked so embarrassed. They ended up leaving.”

Understandably so, the whole affair made the rest of the party “awkward,” cutting the party short.

Not to mention, his girlfriend's mom was also “furious” because “she wanted her son to stop living in sin and [he] ruined it.”

Although the Redditor's girlfriend thought he was “sweet” for standing up for her, others didn’t think so, especially the brother, whose big moment was destroyed.

People on Reddit jumped to the user’s defence and assured him he wasn’t wrong for defending his girlfriend.

One person commented, “It is just plain rude to start hijacking events for your proposal,” which received over 31,800 likes.

“Oh, my sister bought a new house? Perfect situation to make sure it revolves all around my proposal” continued the comment. “Your BIL (brother-in-law) sounds like a cheapskate who thought he could get away with it. Is he normally so entitled?”

The Reddit user responded to the comment by saying, “pretty much. He's the youngest, so he can get away with anything."

Another user wrote, “You should get him a book on how to get his head out of his arse as a wedding present."

Meanwhile, another person suggested a revenge plan and recommended that the Reddit user, “could propose to his GF at the wedding. During the toasts,” and then offered a whole speech outline, which received a lot of positive reactions.

So if you’re planning to propose any time soon, make sure it’s a socially acceptable situation before you get down on one knee!

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