A Guy Ripped An Airline Passenger For Refusing A Seat Swap & It Backfired So Fast On TikTok

"I wanted to slap him."

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The TikToker going on a rant about seat swapping on a plane.

The TikToker going on a rant about seat swapping on a plane.

There are many reasons why someone might want to swap airline seats on a flight, but one TikToker's story about a rejected deal has triggered plenty of opinions about people's right to say no.

TikToker Jay Kloss went on a TikTok rant about his experience flying business class with Virgin Airlines, and he was not happy when another passenger refused his request to swap seats.

Kloss explained that he was flying with his partner Zoe on her birthday, and when they got on the plane, they realized they were not seated next to each other.

Although they were sitting in the same aisle, Kloss’ partner got the window seat, while he got the aisle seat on the opposite side of the plane, which meant there was someone else sitting on the aisle seat next to Zoe.

The two of them decided it was fine, and they would ask the guy on the aisle seat next to Zoe to swap with Kloss, who also had basically the same aisle seat as him.

“I politely asked him, ‘Hey, bro, would you mind moving so I can sit with my missus? It's her birthday,'” Kloss tells his TikTok viewers. “And he just looks at me and doesn't respond.”


AM I IN THE WRONG?! #wow #seatselection #fyp

Kloss tried explaining that they have pretty much the same seat and asked if he would consider moving, but the guy refused.

Eventually, the other passenger said “No, I won’t, but I'll sit here,” referring to Zoe’s seat.

“I wanted to slap him, but I didn't because I was on a plane, and I had to restrain myself,” Kloss recalled.

Swapping seats with Zoe wasn’t an option because she needed her window seat because flying made her nauseous, according to Kloss.

“There's literally no reason, it’s the same seat,” Kloss went on to say during his rant.

“I'm like bro, really? Like, sure you can’t swap spaces, and he just doesn't respond to me, and I was like, ready to literally lay to this guy.”

Eventually, they gave up, and Zoe took her seat. While there, she also tried asking him to swap seats and reiterated it was her birthday and she would like to sit with her partner.

“And he's like, ‘Nah, no problem, just not moving.’ Like what the f*ck?” Kloss says. “Am I missing something because somebody explained to me what the hell is going on here? It's the same seat, just on a different side of an aisle.”

Kloss and his partner later got their wish to sit together because the person sitting on the window seat next to Kloss agreed to swap seats with Zoe instead. However, he still couldn't get over why the first guy refused the offer.

People in the TikTok comments were quick to offer their own takes on why Kloss' offer didn't work, and they argued that it was wrong for him to expect the other passenger to change seats.

“People don’t have to say yes all the time it’s ok to say no,” read one top comment.

Another user wrote: “Sorry you're wrong. You shoulda chosen seats together when you booked.”

One comment read: “I’m so glad that guy didn’t move for you.”

Even a flight attendant chimed in and wrote, “as a flight attendant, you need to sit in your allocated seats, it's for identification purposes in case of an emergency.”

“The dude didn’t have to give up his seat, even if it was the nice thing to do,” commented another user. “Just gotta deal with people answering Y or N. Can’t expect it to be Y.”


We did it guys! #flight #part2 #fyp

In a follow-up video, Kloss acknowledged people’s heated comments and explained that he learnt his lesson, and on his flight back he sat in the middle seat in Economy without complaining about it or asking anyone to swap with him.

At least that’s progress!

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