A New Mom Refused To Be A Maid Of Honour & The Bride's Getting So Much Heat For Asking

"Maternity leave is NOT a vacation."

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A bride with her bridal party.

A bride with her bridal party.

Being a maid of honour at a wedding comes with a lot of responsibilities, and not everyone has the time and energy to take all of them on.

That's how one Redditor felt when she was asked to be the maid of honour at her future sister-in-law's wedding, and she didn't get the most loving response when she told the bride.

The 25-year-old woman shared her story on the Reddit forum Am I The A**hole, and she wanted to know if she was wrong for turning down the important role because she didn't have the time as a new mother.

In the post, the woman says her husband's younger brother recently got engaged, and she has known his future bride for over four years now.

"We’re not extremely close but we hang out whenever there’s a family get together," the woman wrote.

She then explains that her future sister-in-law has four bridesmaids composed of cousins and old school friends. However, she asked the woman to be her maid of honour.

"I told her that I’m very grateful that she has asked me but unfortunately I don’t have the time to do all the things expected of a MOH [maid of honour]," she wrote.

"I just had my first baby in November and it’s a lot."

So the woman went back to the bride and told her she just wants to be a "regular bridesmaid."

It all seemed like it was OK until it wasn't.

"According to her, she thinks I’m lying by saying I’m too busy because I’m on maternity leave and that I have 'all the time in the world' and all her other friends work full time," the Reddit post reads.

After some consideration and a chat with the groom, the 25-year-old woman says she would reconsider if the bride covered half of the responsibilities.

The post ends with the woman explaining that the bride eventually called her to ask why she was being "so difficult." She also once again told the Redditor that she's the only one in the bridal party not working and she should "step up."

According to the majority of people who voted on the post, the woman is not the a**hole for what she did, although they did have a lot to say about the bride's attitude toward maternity leave.

"Maternity leave is NOT a vacation, and she's delusional to think it is," one person wrote and called the bride "too entitled."

"Maternity leave IS a vacation… IN HELL," another person shared. "Don’t get me wrong. I love my baby and I love spending time with him but maternity leave is a great holiday if you love not sleeping. Ever."

Another person said the sister-in-law has "no comprehension of the time constraints a newborn imposes on a new mother." They also said the groom can "kick rocks" as he is equally "ignorant."

One person called the bride a "bridezilla" and said she would be in for a surprise when she has kids of her own.

Others suggested the woman remove herself entirely from the bridal party.

Looking at the reaction to the post, it was hard finding anyone in support of the bride's actions.

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Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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