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A New Yorker Said Floridians Have 'No Fear' Of Sharks & TikTok Laughed At Its Size

It was just a baby shark. 😂

Florida Associate Editor
The TikToker explaining what she was afraid of. Right: The baby shark she was afraid of.

The TikToker explaining what she was afraid of. Right: The baby shark she was afraid of.

There are sharks in Florida, and it's sometimes a surprise to Northerners when they visit the beaches. For one New Yorker, it was a shock at how unphased people are to see these wild animals swim close to shore.

The social media creator, @savannahhannah_, went on TikTok to express her thoughts on how "Floridians are different" after her friend warned her there was a shark in the ocean and to get out of the water.

"She [her friend] was so calm about it. Actually, the other people that was on the beach started taking pictures of the shark," she said. "Like, am I the only one that is scared?"


Lmaoo im NEWYORKIAN, i aint built 🏃🏾‍♀️

She continued to joke around about the incident and compare it to outlandish scenarios she thinks people who live in the Sunshine State would find normal.

"I could see a crocodile twerking, an alligator Harlem Shakin'...and it's just a regular day in Florida," she said.

The video posted on September 3 received around 470K views. While people laughed with her initially, commenting "we are built different down here", they soon laughed at her when she revealed the shark she was talking about.


Replying to @savannahhannah_ alright he was mad cute y’all 😭

Viewers laughed at how small the animal was and that it was a baby. Many said they were expecting a large, "great white".

"U were scared of that?😭😭", one user wrote. To which the creator replied, "man, whatever".

A lot of people pointed out the type of shark, saying it's a nurse shark which is generally harmless if you leave them alone.

Someone else commented that they would have gotten in the water with the sea animal.

"Lmaooo you from Florida right?" The creator engaged.

While the messages were all in good fun, the social media user agreed with her audience that the shark was "mad cute".

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