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A Shark Fin Freaked People Out At This Florida Beach & TikTok Isn't Buying It (VIDEO)

Other TikTok users aren't going to the beach anymore. 🦈

Florida Associate Editor
A shark fin peaking out of the water. Right: Clearwater beach in Tampa, Florida.

A shark fin peaking out of the water. Right: Clearwater beach in Tampa, Florida.

Clearwater beach in Tampa, Florida, is a huge tourist destination, so when a TikToker caught footage of a potential shark in the water, you can only imagine how people reacted.

The clip shows a fin eerily close to shore and two adults just standing there, staring at it. Many people watching the video wondered why they never moved and didn't know what to believe.

While some thought it was real and decided against going back to that beach, others thought the whole thing was a scam. One commenter went as far as guessing what kind of shark it was.

"Based on the shape of the dorsal fin and where it is and what it’s doing, it looks like a hammerhead hunting stingrays," he said.

However, if you look closely in the first seconds of the clip, it looks almost as though a board was flipping over.

"That’s clearly an upside-down paddle/boogie board," one commenter pointed out.

One person asked why it looked like that, to which a viewer responded that's how some hammerheads are built.

"The underside of a hammerhead's head (catching lunch). It’s hard to make out – but I saved it and went frame by frame. Dorsal and tail fin match too," they responded.


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The clip was posted at the end of July, though it's recently gained virality on the platform, even garnering over 1.2 million likes.

Clearwater beach is an area where shark attacks are pretty rare. It is located on the West Coast of Florida by Tampa, while sharks are normally spotted on the East Coast of Florida by Orlando.

New Smyrna Beach tends to be more commonplace to see these creatures, as it is coined "The Shark Bite Capital of the World".

Pinellas County, an area in the coastal city, only had 13 total reported shark attacks since 1882, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

No one has yet confirmed if the fin was a real shark.

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