A TikToker Called Out Two Wedding Guests For Wearing White & One Outfit Is Unforgivable

"Strategic red wine."

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The bride in the TikTok video. Right: One of the guests wearing a white dress.

The bride in the TikTok video. Right: One of the guests wearing a white dress.

It's customary for a bride to be the only one wearing white on her wedding day in a lot of Western cultures, so it's understandable for a bride to be upset if someone chooses to go against that rule, right?

A TikToker called out two guests at a wedding for wearing white dresses, and one even showed up in a wedding dress.

TikToker Isabelle Santos Giha posted a video, which shows two women wearing white dresses at a friend's wedding she recently attended. She also highlighted that one of those guests wore a "legit wedding dress."

"Please never wear WHITE at someone's wedding. It's sad and [disrespectful]," she wrote in the caption.

In the video, the TikToker also briefly shows the bride and says she "got sad" about the wardrobe situation.


Please never wear WHITE at someones wedding. It is sad and disrespect. @sisilozada #bolivia

The video garnered over 12 million views in less than 24 hours of it being posted and has clearly struck a nerve with many people.

A lot of people in the comments were on the same page, suggesting someone should've dealt with the situation with some red wine.

"Guys if this ever happens to you there's something called red wine and you can make that dress a nice red," one person wrote.

"Strategic red wine," another person commented.

Others seemed to think the first dress wasn't all that bad, but the second was definitely not OK.

"The first one could've just been a poor decision. but the second one!!! Oh my god, I thought it was going to be the bride at first," another person shared.

One person shared an idea on how to make sure guests don't attend a wedding wearing white.

"I put no white or off-white dresses for guests in the wedding site FAQ and that they'll be asked to leave if they do wear one," one person commented.

One TikToker said that this type of situation would not be a problem in their culture.

"As a south Asian I never realized anyone cared [because] in our weddings people wear their own wedding dresses again and no one (including the bride) cares because in our culture NO ONE can out-dress the bride no matter how hard you try," they wrote.

This isn't the first time a wedding guest has been called out on TikTok for wearing white to a wedding.

In February, a bride shared a video showing that her mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to her ceremony and people once again were less than impressed by the move.

Just by looking at all the reactions these videos have received the messages are pretty clear: Don't wear white to a wedding unless you're asked to and no one other than the bride should be wearing a wedding dress!

Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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