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A TikToker Compared The Food Scene In Toronto & Vancouver & Shots Have Been Fired (VIDEOS)

"Half of Vancouver has never heard of shawarma let alone eaten it." 👀

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Aashim comparing Vancouver and Toronto's food.

Aashim comparing Vancouver and Toronto's food.

When it comes to culinary delights, there's no end to great Canadian food across the country — but which city does it better?

Toronto foodie @amaara.aashim recently spent three weeks "eating like a madman" in Vancouver and he made two TikToks comparing which place comes in first place for certain foods.

When it comes to ice cream, he says the competition is "not even close" and gives that honour to Vancouver.

"You've got Earnest, you've got Rain Or Shine, our favourite gelato in Canada, Passione," said Aashim. "Toronto's ice cream is good, it just doesn't have that same creaminess and flavour experimentation."

As for who rates best for shawarma, he says that's "easily Toronto."

"Half of Vancouver has never heard of shawarma let alone eaten it," said Aashim. "Toronto, you can get everything: Iraqi, Lebanese, Syrian."

"Shawarma is like a go-to food for most people in Toronto," he continued. "In Vancouver, you struggle to find shawarma, there's just like mediocre donair." Ouch!

While he notes that Toronto has been catching up on the craft beer scene, Aashim rates Vancouver as the better city for brews.

"I think it's just a bigger part of the culture, everybody loves going to breweries here," he explained. "It's just like a thing you do. In Toronto, there's like the people that are into it and then there's just a lot of people that aren't."


Visiting Vancouver rn and people always ask me about this. Do you like this type of series?? #canadafood #canadavlog #torontofood #vancouverfood

In a follow-up video, Aashim doles out more superlatives, and things get a little controversial.

In terms of sushi, he says that if you're looking for "the absolute best" in the country, he gives it to Toronto.

That being said, he says Vancouver is the overall winner.

"Even the cheapest sushi in Vancouver is pretty good," he said. "The seafood is high quality, there's just way more sushi availability in the city whereas in Toronto there aren't even a lot of Japanese restaurants."


Part 2: Sushi, pizza, cocktails #canadafood #torontofood #vancouverfood #canadatravel

It's apparently "not even close" when it comes to pizza, with Toronto coming out on top.

As well as traditional style slices, he notes you can also get "incredible fusion" pies like butter chicken pizza, mutton curry pizza, Korean pizza and sushi pizza.

In terms of bars, Toronto again takes the win, with a particular shoutout going to the West end of the city as well as Mother and Civil Liberties.

"Vancouver, on the other hand, you know, never been a late-night city," he explained.

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