A TikToker Is Gushing About People Who Went To Queen's University & It’s Not Just Elon Musk

The founder of a popular clothing brand is one of them! 🎓

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Elon Musk at Queen's University. Right: Queen's University.

Elon Musk at Queen's University. Right: Queen's University.

Queen's University has a star-studded list of alumni and a TikToker recently gushed about some of the notable people who have studied there, including Elon Musk.

The university, which is located in the small city of Kingston, Ontario, was founded in 1841 and was ranked sixth in Canada's Best Universities for 2023 by Maclean's.

In a video posted earlier this week, TikTok user Shop Dressr shared her surprise after learning that the founder of the popular clothing brand Aritzia, Brian Hill, is a Queen's University graduate.


Okay but brock had Kyle Dubas sooo 😅 #queensuniversity #queensgaels #kingstonontario #aritzia #437swimwear #elonmusk @Aritzia @437

"I was today years old when I found out the founder of Aritzia went to Queen's University," she said.

According to Hill's LinkedIn page, he studied economics and received his Bachelor of Arts at Queen's.

"You guys have the girls from 437, Elon Musk, and now Aritzia," Shop Dressr went on to say. "Maybe I should've gone to Queen's."

It looks like others feel the same way. "We’re going to queens," one user commented.

"[Queen's] be styling," another wrote.

The university has several draws, one of which is the enchanting "Harry Potter Room" located in Douglas Library. Kingston was just named the top city for students in Canada for 2023 due to its access to nature and student life among other things.

Others were more skeptical about the university's past students.

"Both the founder of Artizia and Elon Musk came from very wealthy families and had parents in business…" someone pointed out.

437 is a swimwear brand launched by Hyla Nayeri and Adrien Bettio who both studied at Queen's University. The brand is allegedly named after their Johnson Street address in Kingston.

As for Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO spent his freshman and sophomore years at the Kingston university and even met his first wife there, according to Queen's University's Gazette.

The list of famous Queen's students continues. Actress Annie Murphy, known for her role as Alexis in Schitt's Creek, studied at the university for a year before switching to Concordia.

The late Gord Downie from Tragically Hip studied film at Queen's and graduated in 1986.

Queen's isn't the only Ontario university that's been attended by prominent individuals. Nina Dobrev, Rachel McAdams, and other stars have also studied at schools in the province.

Madeline Forsyth
Ontario Associate Editor
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