A US Airline Passenger Was Killed By Turbulence On A Private Jet & Her Family Was On The Flight

She used to work in the White House.

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Dana J. Hyde. Right: A Bombardier Challenger 300 similar to the one involved in Hyde's death.

Dana J. Hyde. Right: A Bombardier Challenger 300 similar to the one involved in Hyde's death.

A woman has died of her injuries after a brutal experience on board a private jet in the northeastern U.S., where officials says she suffered fatal injuries from turbulence.

Former White House official Dana J. Hyde, 55, was one of three passengers and two crew on a private jet when it hit "severe turbulence" on Friday, authorities told The New York Times.

The jet was on its way from New Hampshire to Virginia but was forced to make an emergency landing in Connecticut after the turbulence injured one passenger, the Associated Press reports.

Hyde was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead, Connecticut State Police said in a statement.

It wasn't immediately clear exactly what happened to Hyde on the flight, but her death is the latest in a string of high-profileturbulence incidents over the United States.

The jet belonged to Conexon, an internet company that employs Hyde's husband, NBC News reports. Her husband and son were the other two passengers on board, Conexon told the outlet.

"We can confirm that the aircraft was owned by Conexon and that Dana Hyde was the wife of Conexon partner Jonathan Chambers," a spokesperson told NBC News. "Jonathan and his son were on the flight also and not injured in the incident."

Hyde used to work as a lawyer in the U.S. State Department under the Clinton and Obama administrations, and she served on the commission that investigated the 9/11 attacks, according to her personal biography.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says it's investigating the incident to figure out exactly what happened. Investigators have already pulled recorders from the cockpit and are looking into a "reported trim issue" involving the Bombardier Challenger 300 jet.

The NTSB says a preliminary report will be available in a few weeks.

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