Video Shows JetBlue Passengers Begging To 'Get The Hell Off' After Three Aborted Landings

"We're six hours into a three-hour flight!"

A passenger pleading to get off a JetBlue plane. Right: Passengers standing up on the plane.
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A passenger pleading to get off a JetBlue plane. Right: Passengers standing up on the plane.

A JetBlue plane flying from Cancun to New York struggled to land three times because of bad weather, and passengers were begging the crew to be let off the aircraft.

The final destination of the JetBlue flight 1852 was JFK airport in New York City, but after three aborted landing attempts, the plane ended up landing at Newark Liberty International Airport in nearby New Jersey instead, reports the Independent.

A video posted by one passenger on TikTok appears to show the moment when people officially hit their limit with the up-and-down delays, which happened last Thursday.

In the video, the crew informs the passengers that they'll be taking off from Newark and heading back to JFK, and the passengers get super salty about the news.

"You are putting everybody and our lives at risk," one passenger can be heard saying. "I was scared up there... The weather wasn't good. This airplane was going down."


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Another passenger chimes in, "You can arrest me. I'm not going back up in the air."

"Officer, my kids are panicking. People are sick back there, we've gotta get off this plane. It's dangerous," another frustrated passenger says to the crew, launching into an impassioned rant.

"We tried to land four times already. It's dangerous. We're scared to fly; we wanna get off," he adds. "It's not right. We're six hours into a three-hour flight. It's not your fault, it's not their fault — we just want to get off."

He ends his rant by saying, "Everybody wants to get the hell off," prompting murmurs of agreement from others on the plane.

Sabrina, the passenger who recorded the video, posted a follow-up video explaining exactly what happened.

She said the plane was delayed because of bad weather, but when they finally took off, it was smooth sailing for the majority of the ride until it was time to land.


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"The pilot announced that we were going to descend. We tried one time, and the pilot couldn't touch down. So then he goes back up again to try again, and the turbulence was traumatizing. It was bumpy; it was shaking. There were kids — as seen in the video, the guy said — passing out in the back, throwing up. People were nauseous, and people were traumatized."

Sabrina says that after a third attempt at landing in JFK, they made their way to Newark instead. About 30 minutes after they landed at Newark, the passengers were told that the plane would be refuelling to take them back to JFK, which is when everyone started freaking out in Sabrina's original video.

"They basically forced us to go back to JFK, saying it would take hours for customs to open up at Newark," Sabrina says in the video.

"And they told us, you know, if we went back to JFK, it would be 20 minutes. And I think from when they said that to when we finally got to JFK, it was two, three hours later."

JetBlue offered each passenger $50 in flight credits for the inconvenience, the New York Post reports.

"Without proper customs processing available for the flight at Newark, the aircraft remained on the ground for 60 minutes and once the weather cleared departed again for JFK where it safely landed," a JetBlue spokesperson told the paper.

"We apologize for the inconvenience this weather-related diversion created."

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