Mike Tyson Allegedy Punched A Guy On A Plane Several Times & Left Him Bloodied (VIDEO)

"My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson."

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Mike Tyson in a boxing ring. Right: Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson in a boxing ring. Right: Mike Tyson.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

Mike Tyson reportedly flipped out on a man who was bothering him on a plane Wednesday, and the video appears to show him punching the guy several times.

The incident occurred Wednesday night on a JetBlue flight as it was preparing to go from San Francisco to Florida, the L.A. Times reports. Video released by TMZ appears to show the other person pestering Tyson from the seat behind him, and the boxer can be heard asking him to stop.

Tyson, 55, seems to completely lose it at one point, and he can be seen leaning over the seat and delivering several punches.

A witness on the plane told TMZ that Tyson was acting cool at first and even took a selfie with the passenger before things escalated.

The man was left bloodied after the altercation and can be seen with wounds to the side of his forehead.

"My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson," the person filming says.

Moments after throwing the punches, Tyson reportedly walked off the plane.

The unidentified target received medical attention and then filed a report with the police over the incident, according to TMZ.

A source close to Tyson told the outlet that the other person was intoxicated and wouldn't leave him alone.

Tyson's social media posts show he was in San Francisco for a 420 event to promote his marijuana line earlier that day.

Police had not addressed the incident as of Thursday afternoon and Tyson's representatives also did not immediately comment on it to various media.

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Global Staff Writer
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